Strength and Power, Plain and Simple

1st Post

This blog will be where I log my training and meet info for all the training that takes place in my garage gym.  A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and work on getting out of the commercial gym.  The first step has been taken and so far we have ammassed a decent inventory for such a short time.

The Huntsville Barbell Club is a place where we train to be strong and compete.  We are located in Huntsville, AL.  If you dont plan to compete, you should find another place to train.  The club is invite only at this point.

Our current equipment inventory is as follows:

Power Rack and Dumbbell Bench (built to competition specs), Texas Squat Bar, 2 Texas Power Bars, around 1200lbs, 45degree Hyper, Chest Supported Row, Dip/Chin Station, Complete Band Set, and 50lbs Kettlebell. We also have the following pieces of equipment that are in other locations: Competition Bench, Safety Squat Bar, Fat Bar, 150lbs of Chain, and Texas Deadlift Bar.

Our group currently trains at a few different places: A commercial gym in town, Foundry Barbell, and at the Fitness Factory in Arab, AL. 

Here are a couple pics of what is set up so far:


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