Strength and Power, Plain and Simple

SPF Southern Regionals

After a year and 2 months away from the platform, I competed at the SPF Southern Regional meet on July 17, 2010 in Arab, AL. I had some lofty goals for this meet and had a great training cycle leading up to it. My previous best lifts that came in May 2009 were: 725 Squat, 505 Bench, and 600 Deadlift for an 1830 Total in the 275 pound weight class. Here is how my day went…

I arrived at the meet site pretty early, and started getting my stuff together for the day and just relaxing a bit. My training partner and another buddy were there to handle me, so I really didn’t have too many concerns about the day as far as what I was going to need. After a little bit of food, and energy drink, and a tub of icy hot, I was ready to roll.


Squat warmups went well and were all very fast. The weights all felt light so I figured I would have no trouble with my opener. The first squat always gives me some nerves. If you get that lift passed, the rest of the day just seems to fall into place. Warmups were as follows: Briefs: 150, 240, 330, 420, 510, Suit: 600, 675. Here is how my attempts went:

725 – Good Lift

760 – Bad Lift, I jumped my up command and knew it

760 – Good Lift, 35lbs PR

The goal for the meet was actually to hit 800 in the squat, and I felt like I had it in me, but after the miss with my first 760, I knew I needed to repeat the lift and get it rather than up the weight and miss it. So, starting the day with a PR and I am in the meet. Off to a good start.


Bench warmups went well. I actually warmed up twice because the pace of the flights before me was a little up and down. Warmups went as follows: 135, 225, 315, 365, 225, 315, 365, added shirt: 425 3-board, 475 3-board, 525 2-board, 535 1-board. Here were my attempts:

525 – Good Lift

550 – Good Lift, 45lbs PR

560 – No Lift, my left arm was about a 1/2inch from locking out and it wouldn’t budge

Really pleased with my bench. I think I am starting to get the hang of the gear a bit more. I have a much bigger bench in me, I just need more technique work. Ended the day with a solid bench PR. Ready to pull…


We didn’t have much turn around from bench to deadlift, but luckily by the time you deadlift in a full meet you are pretty warm so it doesn’t take much time to warm up. Warmups went as follows: Briefs: 225, 315, 405, Suit: 495, 545. Attempts:

575 – Good Lift

605 – Good Lift

640 – Good Lift, 40lbs PR

So, I ended the day with a 1950 Total, which is my first Elite Total. (SPF Elite at 275 is 1946). I had a great day and I know I left plenty of pounds on the platform for next time out. My plan right now is to take the next week off and then ease back into training. My next full meet will likely be sometime in late fall. Here is video of my day:


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